Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yuna Zarai & Turban :)

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Hi lovelies :)
How are you guys yo? I'm finee. Just getting fatter & fatter. Well I'll be reporting for duty tomorrow so I'll be super busy but I will try not to abandon this blog of mine again. Just pray my ideas are flowing well :)

So today, I've came across this awesome vid. Been trying to tie a turban forever!

Yuna Zarai's way :)


my way :)

Had fun learning it & I only use normal shawl not the JETCIRCLE scarf. Hee..

Why don't you guys try it? Goodluck !

Lotsa love,

Friday, July 8, 2011


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Hi semuaa..
The other day mase before final exam, me & some friends are planning on the farewell party. Since there are not much activites, I planned to do a videography for all to see.

It took a lot of hardwork & friends to fulfill it. So I hope you guys enjoyy.

p/s- It is a looooong video :)


Thursday, July 7, 2011


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I failed in a subject called..


Tuesday, July 5, 2011


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Hi :)
Last time, I've been in a relationship for more than 2 years. There was serious ups & down, not only that thunder,tsunami n what so ever. For the sake of love, I close my eyes,held through my super fragile heart to go through it. Early of this year, its been good. I meant its been really really good. i never put any doubt at all trusting him with all my heart. everything change once I saw something that not only crushed my heart, it felt like a huge spikey rock fall on my heart. It hurts so much not only anger,even my tears won't come out. I lost everything i felt for that guy. Respect, love, miss, trust, all goes down into the drain.

I was traumatized. But thank God I am strong. I go through that with my final exam is coming. Alhamdulillah I passed my exams with flying colours.

He did call me text me but I can't do anything. I ignored him, for the sake of my fragile heart. Since then, I kept myself low profile. Not trying to flirt because that is just not me. I enjoyed my holiday to the fullest.

Until, last week. An old long lost friend I found on my page. Added him & talked. There is something there. A feeling, feeling that got me confused between my real feelings & my love-phobic(atleast that what I call it). I'm scared to give hope. He don't stop hoping,I don't want him to hope so much.

I don't know till when will my heart hide inside. I don't want to hurt him. He's too nice to be hurt.
We'll just wait & see what will happened.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome to the family pussycat :)

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How are you guyss?? Hope semua sehat2 belaka yee...
Owh today nak cecite about a new member of the family.
Remember Si Gemok ini? Hehe..

So far skarang family ade si Gemok itu, & new anak angkat.. 

Meet Si Hitam :)
 Actually, Si Hitam ni, stray cats. But one fine day.. he got injured & my mum brought him to the vet. We took care of him until he got better. Since then, he kept coming back to the house & we still fed him. So he is officially anak angkat of the family.. :D

Then, we got lucky & someone gifted me this white cotton candy :)

Meet, Princess Snowy :) Just look at the pearls she's wearing!!!!

She is just adorable!! We rarely hear her voice, she love milk & Daim's plastic cover to play with.

So yeah, we all love cats. And Snow is just 4 months!! Hehe.. I love when she meowing in the morning to wake me up for her milk. She is just a cutie!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Me LOVE Alexander McQueen Resort 2012 Collection

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Hi u olss!!
As u know, i LOVE fashion. Love looking at pretty pictures & dresses..Even I know I can't wear them! And maybe I can't even afford it! Maybe later I'll do a wishlist post so that me myself could drool over pretty shoes & bags & dresses :)

So far here is my favourite resort 2012 collection by Alexander McQueen :)

Totally LOVE the structured pants with wide belt & gorgeous black dress!!
wish I could own them, but..where would I wear it since I will only be working in the wards :(
but I will still love them no matter what!


Cinta & Perasaan

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Bila bercakap pasal cinta & perasaan,bermacam2 perkara yg terlintas bukan? Semua org inginkan kebahagiaan.
Semua impikan hubungan yg bahagia. Namun, xsemua yg kita impikan kita dapat kan? Aku sendiri masih mencari kebahagiaan, mengejar cinta biar manusia mahupun cinta yang Maha Esa. 

Namun, cinta yang Maha Esa, cinta yg hakiki, cinta yg abadi. Tak mudah utk dikecapi tak mudah utk dimiliki. Iman & akal perlu bersatu. Namun, cinta manusia juga penting dlm kehidupan. 

Cinta yg jujur & ikhlas. Cinta yg smpai ke alam perkhawinan. Namun, mncari cinta manusia adalah mencabar. Masing2 mempunyai taste masing2. Namun, ingatlah.. Wanita yg baik adalah utk lelaki yg baik begitu juga sebaliknya. 

Yang penting, mencintai manusia tidak boleh melebihi cinta kita trhadap Rasul & Allah.

Sekadar mengisi ruang di blog ni 
Renung2 kan & selamat beramah :)


Hot girls & handsome guys of Masquerade Party of G35 :)

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Hi all.
Remember picture yg dalam previous posts? here & here :).
That is actually my outfit for our farewell party last 2 weeks. Its a grand & happy & sad times.
Its been 3 years since our batch are together. So this night is the last night we all had fun together.
So, let the pictures do the talking yea? :)

My own version of Bruno Mars a.k.a Mr. date :)

We had so much fun but the end of the night sadness & gloomy faces are all around.
Sad that who knows when we all will be able to get together again.
Friends forever guys, GROUP 35 the best!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

My 1st contest ever!!! Jom2...HOW DO I LOOK IN MY SKIRT CONTEST :)

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Salam semuaaa...
Today terase nak join a contest. Dari akak yang baru balik dari Hong Kong tau. So, lai lai join2 :)

So ini pic yang dipertaruhkan :)

So apa lagi semua? Jom join contest ni! Hadiah die owesem tak hingat tau :)

Kalau nak tau pasal Premium Beautiful, blogwalking la kat blog kak Aisyah :)



Monday, June 27, 2011

Wow..I'm a really bad blogger...

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Hi all!! Teruknye empunye blog ni. Bukan setakat bersawang, dah nak runtuh kot blog ni. A lot happened. I finally finished my final year in Diploma in Nursing from KPJIC. Go through quite a though time with final exams & Nursing Board exam. So far now I'm being a lazy one sitting at home :) Hope I could be more lovely to this blog of mine. Kesian encik Blog & readers. Let's enjoy some pictures that summarized all that happened while I'm gone yea?

~having fun with friends~

~my final project,finished~

~my final practical in TSH~

~being a NERD for final exams~

~trying some new style~

~my outfit for my Masquerade Party~

Okay,thats all for now. Nanti kite smbung,last picture to teaser untuk next post! Toodles!



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