Thursday, June 30, 2011

My 1st contest ever!!! Jom2...HOW DO I LOOK IN MY SKIRT CONTEST :)

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Salam semuaaa...
Today terase nak join a contest. Dari akak yang baru balik dari Hong Kong tau. So, lai lai join2 :)

So ini pic yang dipertaruhkan :)

So apa lagi semua? Jom join contest ni! Hadiah die owesem tak hingat tau :)

Kalau nak tau pasal Premium Beautiful, blogwalking la kat blog kak Aisyah :)



Monday, June 27, 2011

Wow..I'm a really bad blogger...

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Hi all!! Teruknye empunye blog ni. Bukan setakat bersawang, dah nak runtuh kot blog ni. A lot happened. I finally finished my final year in Diploma in Nursing from KPJIC. Go through quite a though time with final exams & Nursing Board exam. So far now I'm being a lazy one sitting at home :) Hope I could be more lovely to this blog of mine. Kesian encik Blog & readers. Let's enjoy some pictures that summarized all that happened while I'm gone yea?

~having fun with friends~

~my final project,finished~

~my final practical in TSH~

~being a NERD for final exams~

~trying some new style~

~my outfit for my Masquerade Party~

Okay,thats all for now. Nanti kite smbung,last picture to teaser untuk next post! Toodles!



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