Saturday, June 26, 2010

5 Tahun.

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5 Tahun usia perkenalan.

5 tahun dia menunggu aku.

5 tahun tetap tiada jawapan dari aku.

5 tahun dia sentiasa ada dengan aku.

5 tahun dia harungi suka duka aku.


5 tahun aku sia-sia kan penungguannya.

5 tahun aku masih tiada keputusannya.

5 tahun aku masih tak mengenali dirinya.

5 tahun..

aku hancurkan dalam masa kurang dari 5 minit.



P/S: Ana xde niat nak buat mcm tu.Ana harap ana xhilang sahabt baik ana.maafkan ana...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miss them.

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On arrival je my whole family dah jemput. Seronok gile coz I got to see them all. Even bru je abes kan rm200 for the extra baggage I brought along on the flight.

Then gi makan secret recipe since memang dah lame sgt mengidam. I ate mozarella baked fish with my all time favourites Choc Indulgence. Yummy!! :)

The next morning, hantar semua barang dekat hostel Tawakkal then hang out with the family till evening. Best sangat coz dah lame xjumpe dorang. :)

I love family outings,


P.S. It is supposed to be Father's day but I've wished him a week earlier without him realising that it is realy.haha.

Friday, June 18, 2010


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Corneal ulcer????!!! WTH???

Finally I can leave JB for good. My flight will be tomorrow & I just finished my last paper. Yeay!!!!

Will miss JB a lot!!

So on Monday will start my practical on my sponsor hospital & soon-to-be workplace.It's been long since I've been there. They are on their way to open up the new building. Yeay!

Will update later,


Wednesday, June 16, 2010


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[noun] something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be, a person who makes deceitful pretenses

Yes. Fake smile. Fake talk. Fake everything!

I might say in other words, hypocrite.
Talk bad about others but they themselves do the exactly same bad thing.
Faking it just to use people.
Find people when only you need them.

Why does this kind of people exist in this happy world?
To make other people feel bad about themselves, to talk shit about you straight to your face?

I remembered a phrase..
" Don't be too nice to people or you'll regret it."
And still I did that and now I'm too disapointed with a group of people that I call 'close friends'.

And now, I regreted.
Regreted I changed who I was for them.
Regreted I did things that the real me won't do.
Regreted pushing away other people just for them.

Still I'm not one of them.

Fuck off, b*****s!


People evolved :)

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A few days ago, I go through this old pictures folder of my school days and showed my housemates.
They go GAGA of how different i was back then :P i guess i'm so selekeh last time
So I was also thinking that time changed people, I meant it does and in so many ways.
So the welcoming pic for now :)




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Aku tak tau la berapa kali aku nak redo blog.
Because aku tak dapat nak choose themes for the blog.
Now aku rase mungkin aku akan tulis bile-bile aku ingin berbicara.
Mungkin aku sudah tidak percaya dengan hati je..
Tapi bila-bila mase aku akan ubah pendirian tu.
Katekan ape saja.
Aku memang tak tetap pendirian, mudah percaya dan macam-macam lagi.
Tapi aku yakin dengan semua kekurangan aku, itulah yang menguatkan semangat aku untuk harungi hari-hari mendatang. Haha. Sounds so lame :P

So welcome to my blog.

You will be expecting :
  • Happiness
  • Cries
  • Lies
  • Double personality
  • Fashion
  • Crazziness

you name it.


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