Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Catwalk by Nabilah Farhanah at 6:13 AM
Hi :)
Last time, I've been in a relationship for more than 2 years. There was serious ups & down, not only that thunder,tsunami n what so ever. For the sake of love, I close my eyes,held through my super fragile heart to go through it. Early of this year, its been good. I meant its been really really good. i never put any doubt at all trusting him with all my heart. everything change once I saw something that not only crushed my heart, it felt like a huge spikey rock fall on my heart. It hurts so much not only anger,even my tears won't come out. I lost everything i felt for that guy. Respect, love, miss, trust, all goes down into the drain.

I was traumatized. But thank God I am strong. I go through that with my final exam is coming. Alhamdulillah I passed my exams with flying colours.

He did call me text me but I can't do anything. I ignored him, for the sake of my fragile heart. Since then, I kept myself low profile. Not trying to flirt because that is just not me. I enjoyed my holiday to the fullest.

Until, last week. An old long lost friend I found on my page. Added him & talked. There is something there. A feeling, feeling that got me confused between my real feelings & my love-phobic(atleast that what I call it). I'm scared to give hope. He don't stop hoping,I don't want him to hope so much.

I don't know till when will my heart hide inside. I don't want to hurt him. He's too nice to be hurt.
We'll just wait & see what will happened.


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Anonymous said...

hope thing will be fine for u.. a true love is hard to find.. keep someone that really suit u.. really make u happy no matter what happen.. will always be there for u.. hope u will find a husband.. not just a boyfriends.. coz thing bout boyfriends.. they still a boy.. not strong n wise enough to be ur man.. =)

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