Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photoshoot day! Fun!

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Sangat bosan la time cuti ni!! The other day my besty,Iyqa called up to plan a photoshoot for fun. Both of on holiday. So,I actually wake up at 8am to with her. We went for breakfast then she drove to Kepong. There's nothing much to tell so let the pictures tell the stories. Enjoy :)

We both really enjoy the day and the pictures came out great! I love it!!
It really made me feel wanna brush up my snapping skills so that I could shoot my friends and the pics turned out as nice as this pics.

Thanx to my babe,Iyqa :)


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hospital Permai,Tampoi & Hot Girls!

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Hai semuaa!!

Rindu tak? Rindu tak? Hah! Poyo je. Sape nak rindu kau lah Bell. Hehe. Anyway. Sekarang baru ada time nak update. Baru saja pulang dari JB. Hehe. Penat juga 2 minggu melayan patient mental di Permai tu. Tapi sangat seronok. First day dekat sana memang penat. Tak sangka Hospital Permai tu luas sangat!

Pagi tu,bas pick up 40 student nurses dekat Kempas and bergerak ke Permai. Tak de la jauh mana,dalam 10 minutes je kot. Hospital Permai tu terletak atas bukit. Seronok sangat,udara nyaman je. Cantik sangat kawasan dekat sana. Disebabkan kitorang memang dah pay for breakfast and lunch,sebelum orientasi,kitorang menjamu selera dulu :)

Pagi tu makan mee goreng dengan teh panas. Sedap! Lepas tu kitorang bergerak pergi dewan tapi dewan ada orang lain guna so bergerak pergi gym. Yes,dorang ade gym tau. :)
Bukan 40 orang student je,ade lagi 45 orang student dari Segi jugak. Huhu. 
Lepas tu jalan-jalan pusing the whole hospital.

So, Hospital Permai ade almost 900 patients so far. And ade 23 wad lelaki and 12 wad perempuan. Dalam satu wad akan ade almost 50 patients. Ramai kan? But so far,most of the patient are there sebab ade hallucinations & bipolar disease. Most of them jugak ade trauma from past yang membuatkan dorang dapat hallucinations and bipolar.

Ramai patient-patient yang dah tua. Yang family dah tak nak terima lagi. Kesian memang kesian but I'm thinking that patient-patient ni di jaga dengan baik di sini. And it is a good thing they were here coz this will avoid their disease from being worst. Semua attendent and nurses pun jage dorang dengan elok.

Okay, so the main activity yang student nurses kena buat is conduct activity with all the patients. Every morning,we will help they bath and change clothes then help them tukar cadar and kemas katil. And yes,dorang tukar cadar hari-hari tau. Lepas dah mandi and kemas katil,patient akan makan ubat and move to dewan makan. We all will conduct senaman pagi untuk dorang. Every morning kena tanye whether they remember the date and day tau. To make sure they are still in reality. Dorang juga akan prepare semua pinggan and cawan sendiri,lepas tu beratur and amek breakfast diorang. Yes they are thought to be diciplined. They even wash their own dishes after meal. :) 

Lepas breakfast,we will conduct another activity. Most of the time akan play indoor games with them. We also did colouring dengan diorang tau. Other that,we all akan buat morning walk,that is bawak some of the patient to go for a walk around the hospital. Then at 10 am,patient akan ade late morning meal. Then akan sambung indoor games until 12 noon. At 12 noon they will have lunch and after that they will have afternoon nap until 2 pm. Then we all will conduct another activity with them until we go back at 5pm. 

Ni la my group,for the whole 2 weeks. 
~MJ,K.Yun,K.Reen,Pipah & Shana~

Yes,they do have a lot of extra time with them. It is good because this will put them away from any stress kan? Ape-ape pon,it is good for me and other student nurses to have experience with mental patients.

What I got from there was,it is very important that we know how to handle stress so that we don't get so depressed until we got some kind of mental illness. Once we got it,memang susah nak treat okay?So don't stressed yourself out!

Memang banyak kenangan kat sana,memang pecah perut tengok gelagat patients kat sana. Hope the next group boleh pergi and got experience macam we all get. :)

Anyway,sesi ber-enjoy pon tetap ade!! Mestila bersama gegirl yang hot! Hehe.

Okay that's all for now!


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