Thursday, July 7, 2011


Catwalk by Nabilah Farhanah at 9:07 AM
I failed in a subject called..


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Anonymous said...

love... is bout heart n feeling.. everybody will feel this emotion.. love dost not have fail or pass.. its about learning.. dont mean that when ur breaking apart from ur partner.. u just fail.. its a step that u learn bout other.. and also bout u.. u tend to know what best for u and what best for other.. but the best love u can find is the love from Allah.. if love have fail n pass.. then what will happen when someday u fail to gets Allah love?? Allah will always be there for u.. so u can learn from ur mistake.. n become a batter person.. when u grow older.. u will learn something.. its up to u.. u wanna see it as a step of learning.. or u wanna see it as a failure.. hope u recover ur energy n be wise bit by bit.. =)

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